Hi! I’m Maddie Stone. 👋 I currently work as a Security Researcher at Google Project Zero where I focus on 0-day exploits used in the wild. I search for them, analyze them, learn from them, and write about them. You can find our team’s work on the Project Zero blog.

Previously, I worked as a reverse engineer on the Android Security team at Google. I focused on hunting malware for Google Play Protect.

Before that I worked at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab where I focused on the security of embedded devices: all the layers from the chip to the firmware.

Through all of these endeavors, I’ve loved to speak at conferences and teach workshops to share all the fun.

I earned my Bachelors in Science with a double major in Computer Science and Russian and a minor in Applied Mathematics & Statistics from Johns Hopkins University. I also earned a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Outside of computers, I spend my time hiking (I hiked Kilimanjaro in 2019!), weight lifting, reading (love me a good beach read), and telling dad jokes.